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The 'Great Re-Design' Many workers are looking to re-imagine and re-design their careers • Kelly's talent research identified a group of job seekers who are driven by a desire for career growth, new experiences, and the ability to integrate work into their personal lives. "Work-Life Design" describes this mindset. • Kelly's research shows that work-life design seekers are an important and growing component of the workforce. • Work-Life Designers have a strong command of their market power. They feel in high demand and believe they can find a new or better position quickly. They are motivated to hone their skills and build upon their portfolio of skills and experience. • Work-Life Designers are approaching work on their terms, with a heightened sense of empowerment. They fit work into their lives versus building their lives around work. o Rather than "Work-Life Design," a more accurate nomenclature for this phenomenon may be "Life-Work Design," as Arianna Huffington and Jen Fisher of the Life-Work Integration Hub pointed out in a recent Fortune article. o A "work-first" mindset perpetuates the idea that we're defined primarily by our work, and everything else—i.e. life—must fit into the increasingly small space that is left. Switching to a life-work mindset acknowledges that work is just one part of a full and vibrant life. o "Life-work integration is about embedding well-being into the workflow itself. It's about well-being as a set of guiding principles that we can design our day around. It starts with asking ourselves what our non-negotiables are, what are the things in our lives that are critical components of who we are and who we want to be, and that allow us to show up as our best selves. In a world of life-work integration, we redefine success for ourselves, and work is just one way to fulfill that definition." Source:

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