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E N T E R P R I S E l DATA SHEET l HIGHLIGHTS • Provides connectivity options for 1G, 10G, 40G or 100G • Cost-effective COTS-based software appliance • Supports NETSCOUT ® Omnis ® Cyber Intelligence threat analysis platform • Integrated in NETSCOUT Cybersecurity Forensics for AWS Cloud Workloads solution • Award-winning NETSCOUT MasterCare Support coverage for software and hardware NETSCOUT Certified Omnis CyberStream Software Appliance The NETSCOUT Certified Omnis ® CyberStream platform harnesses the power of network traffic packets with real-time, continuous monitoring to deliver in-depth metrics for cybersecurity threat detection and forensics analysis by the NETSCOUT Omnis Cyber Intelligence threat analysis solution. Powered by the same patented Adaptive Service Intelligence ® (ASI) technology used in NETSCOUT's InfiniStreamNG ® smart visibility appliances, this highly scalable and patented deep packet inspection engine leverages real-time, continuous monitoring of network packets by Omnis CyberStream appliances. With ASI, cyberthreats will be detected and linked to detailed security forensics analysis with packet- and session-level evidence to complete a cybersecurity incident triage and investigation. Omnis CyberStream Platform Overview Omnis CyberStream appliances, in combination with NETSCOUT Omnis Cyber Intelligence, provide enterprise-wide cybersecurity monitoring, alerting and detection, in-depth triage, and investigative workflows of potential threats. Omnis CyberStream appliances deliver: • Comprehensive Network Visibility: Support for any speed, protocol, physical, virtual, and cloud network environment provides continuous and comprehensive packet-level network visibility. • Advanced NDR: Scalable DPI and patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology convert raw packets into a rich source of layer 2 -7 metadata used for more advanced Network Detection and Response. • Real-time & Historical Threat Detection: Intelligently indexed, compressed, and locally stored metadata and packets used for real-time and longer-term back-in-time investigations before, during, or after an attack occurred. Deployment NETSCOUT offers four Certified Omnis CyberStream models as Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software appliances, ideal for the various needs of your enterprise network environment. Whether cybersecurity analysis requirements are in your data center core with up to two 100G network segments or branch offices and departmental locations with 1G and 10G segments, an Omnis CyberStream software appliance is available to monitor and uncover security threats, anomalies, and certificate issues that may expose your business to financial or compliance risks. In use cases involving requirements for higher-capacity storage due to traffic volume or length of retention, NETSCOUT offers a seamless approach with Extended Storage Units (ESUs) for the NETSCOUT Certified Omnis CyberStream software-based appliances.

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