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CAPEX BLE Sensors $ BLE Gateway $$$$ BATTERY RANGE Short Typical Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) Solution Complementary Technologies: LoRaWAN ® and Bluetooth LoRaWAN Complements Bluetooth © 2022 LoRa Alliance ® How can you affordably scale Bluetooth (BLE) IoT solutions? LoRaWAN Expands the Scale and Number of BLE IoT Use Cases LoRaWAN delivers cost-effective scaling CAPEX BLE Sensors $ LoRaWAN Sensors $ LoRaWAN Gateway $ BATTERY Up to 10 years RANGE Long (15km) Able to penetrate concrete, underground BLE SENSORS BLE GATEWAYS LoRaWAN GATEWAY BLE SENSORS LoRaWAN/ BLE BRIDGES The LoRaWAN open standard is a low power, wide area networking (LPWAN) protocol designed to wirelessly connect battery operated 'things' to the internet. LoRaWAN is cost-effective to implement and easy to scale; adding LoRaWAN to other technologies can protect earlier investments and create new possibilities for scalable solutions. Extend Battery Life Expand Range N E E D S B E N E F I T S Protect BLE Investments LoRaWAN DEVICES Expand # of Devices Efficient Network where New Use Cases Can be Added Reduce CAPEX Cost to Scale

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