Complementary Technologies: LoRaWAN and Bluetooth Whitepaper

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COMPLEMENTARY TECHNOLOGIES: LoRaWAN ® & BLUETOOTH www.lora-alliance.org 2 When integrating with Bluetooth, for instance, LoRaWAN builds Bluetooth's strengths by mitigating the challenges of Bluetooth technology's short range, high capital costs, and dependency on cloud networking, thereby enabling massive, affordable scaling that incorporates preferred Bluetooth features. Field operators can use applications on their phones to connect to meters and other measurement tools. LoRaWAN-BLE bridges dramatically expand the range of sensing devices as well as their battery life. Network servers connected to a LoRaWAN gateway can upload data locally without relying upon the internet. Bluetooth sensors become an even more feasible solution when LoRaWAN capabilities are added to them. Feature Bluetooth LoRaWAN Widely understood by non-technical users X User-friendly via app-based management X Low latency X Supports high bandwidth needed for configuration & application X Able to withstand RF interference X X Secure X X Long-range X Low capital expense X Low operational expense X CAPEX BLE Sensors $ BLE Gateway $$$$ BATTERY RANGE Short Typical Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) Solution How can you affordably scale Bluetooth (BLE) IoT solutions? BLE SENSORS BLE GATEWAYS Extend Battery Life Expand Range N E E D S Expand # of Devices The diagram below illustrates how LoRaWAN can complement Bluetooth using bridges between the technologies. The case studies that follow demonstrate real-life implementations of these solutions.

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