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Financial Institution Increases Security Posture With Omnis Cyber Intelligence

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S E C U R I T Y l CASE STUDY l Customer Profile This is a top 5 largest financial and banking services company within their country. These services include corporate, institutional, and retail banking, insurance, trading, etc. With around $10 billion in yearly revenue and thousands of locations, over 20 million people rely on this company. This institution is a long-standing NETSCOUT ® customer, with their Network Operations (NetOps) team relying on the nGeniusONE ® Service Assurance platform to visualize and monitor data center and network communication services, and their Security Operations (SecOps) team relying on Omnis Arbor Edge Defense ® (AED) to block bulk (e.g. DDoS attacks, IoCs) inbound cyberthreats and outbound malicious communication. This organization knew the NETSCOUT product line, trusted the capabilities and data they were receiving. The Challenge As a very well-known financial institution, and like many other financial institutions, these businesses face many, highly sophisticated, security threats on a daily basis. The company was expanding and needed to migrate their datacenter to a less risky region in the country due to potential earthquakes as a disaster recovery strategy and increment service level agreements with their customers. Their previous network detection and response solution, which they had been using for over 4 years, was not meeting the business needs in functionality, ability to scale with their growth, and customer service, which led the team to begin a replacement process. Over the years the security team would occasionally reach out to the network team for data and troubleshooting purposes, so they were familiar with the value NETSCOUT provides. When the organization put out a bid for a replacement of their current solution, NETSCOUT was invited via their channel partner. This organization really valued quality data and was looking for a deep packet inspection solution with the best functionality. They also needed a solution that can scale to match their growth and will also integrate with their current security stack, specifically Palo Alto Networks. OVERVIEW The Challenge • Migrating Datacenter for potential natural disaster purposes • Large Financial institution with high attack volume daily • Current solution was over 4 years old with limitations The Solution • NETSCOUT ® Omnis ® Cyber Intelligence • Omnis ® CyberStream for packet-based data sources • MasterCare Support The Results • Reliable and trustworthy data to detect, investigate and respond to threats • Deep Packet Inspection with functionality to gain the most insight on threats • Early Warning Threat Detection to reduce mean time to knowledge and decrease mean time to resolution Financial Institution Increases Security Posture With Omnis Cyber Intelligence Lowering Risk with Deep Packet Inspection at Scale

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