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Hospital Helps Secure IoT Devices With Network Packet Visibility

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E N T E R P R I S E l CASE STUDY l Customer Profile This hospital network had gone through significant changes over the last decade, from both organic patient growth and strategic mergers and acquisitions. There are thousands of physicians, nurses, and staff administering care to hundreds of thousands of inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room patients every year. With more than a dozen hospitals and a hundred medical facilities, this hospital network is one of the largest in its region and essential to the healthcare of its community. Networking services and clinical applications are the priorities of the healthcare's IT staff. Anything that prevents availability or access to these services, or the equipment used to interact with them, needs to be prevented or remediated by their IT organization. The Challenge This hospital organization had selected NETSCOUT ® nGeniusONE Service Assurance solution to help maintain the quality, availability, and reliability of their applications and services. These applications include Citrix secure access to Epic electronic medical records and other clinical apps, as well as business applications, such as Microsoft Office 365. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic presented them with several service assurance and security challenges. The dependency on their networking services and their patient care applications can't be overstated. Like most hospitals, it is more than the services themselves that are essential. It is also the underlying technology and delivering systems, including imaging equipment, smart tablets, handheld communications devices, carts-on-wheels (COWs), and smart beds that are also vital to patient care support. OVERVIEW The Challenge • Use of Internet of Things devices in the hospital network had risen exponentially over recent years • The hospital faced countless cybersecurity threats every day, including risks to their IoT devices that needed to be protected The Solution • nGeniusONE ® Service Assurance platform • InfiniStreamNG ® software appliances • nGenius ® Packet Flow Operating System (PFOS) for Certified 5010 Series Packet Brokers • nGenius ® Visibility as a Service The Results • Ensured valuable network packets can be used by both nGeniusONE service assurance and Armis IoT security solutions • Optimized value of investments and overall cost of ownership with one vendor for performance management and packet broker technology Hospital Helps Secure IoT Devices With Network Packet Visibility Using NETSCOUT Cost-Effective, COTS-based nGenius Packet Flow Switches

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