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l FACT SHEET l E N T E R P R I S E Service Assurance in State Government Many State Government information technology (IT) teams today are balancing two high-profile missions: • Implementing digital transformation initiatives that improve service delivery and reduce operating expenses (OpEx). • Addressing daily demands tied to their role as "IT service provider" to dozens of essential State agencies. Further complicating those challenges, these IT teams face budget fluctuations, greying workforces, and aging technology environments, as well as State-critical network platform migration and expansion plans. State residents are adversely impacted when digital initiatives falter and cause government service delivery issues. For those reasons, State IT teams benefit from service assurance solutions providing end-to-end views into, and always-on monitoring of, their disparate multi-vendor network, application, hybrid cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure), virtual (VMware), and Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) services. Our Approach The NETSCOUT ® nGeniusONE ® Service Assurance platform provides State IT teams with the end-to-end network visibility and continuous, real-time monitoring necessary for assuring valuable business applications for agency users and constituents. Further, as high-profile deployments for State-level digital transformation projects are rolled out, nGeniusONE provides visibility throughout the initiative, from pilot phase, to subsequent transitions involving initial production, and onto ongoing agency operations. Our patented Adaptive Service Intelligence ® (ASI) technology is an intrinsic element of NETSCOUT's Service Assurance solution, providing a common data source for nGeniusONE performance analytics by transforming high-value network packets into "smart data" in real time. Our approach also factors NetFlow data, with those data elements complementing core InfiniStreamNG ® (ISNG) software and hardware appliance data sources, with NetFlow converted to NETSCOUT smart data for nGeniusONE "smarter analytics." Our Solutions The nGeniusONE platform addresses the strategic planning initiatives articulated by today's State Chief Information Officers (CIOs), equipping IT teams with a solution that provides a services-oriented approach toward ensuring critical State services – reliant on network, voice, video, email, mobile, virtual, and cloud platforms – are available and performing at high levels. In leveraging NETSCOUT smart data to provide a common set of performance analytics, our approach helps unite State Network, Application, and UC&C teams and IT business owners. State agencies today are using NETSCOUT to tackle the IT challenges detailed in the subsections that follow. Broadband & Connectivity Services Support Many State IT teams continue their efforts to provide available, reliable, and cost-efficient Internet access to residents and schools, especially in regions with rural populations. The nGeniusONE platform leverages NETSCOUT smart data to provide critical insights regarding how new broadband services are performing before problems become customer constituent. nGeniusONE delivers detailed IP-level insight and holistic visibility into network and service domains, providing IT teams and their third-party WAN providers with actionable intelligence to reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). This may also aid in preventive measures for the IT team, as ongoing historical analysis and reporting will illustrate trends that may lead to adding or reducing bandwidth prior to a user-impacting bottleneck or to avoid over- subscription and cost overrides. Cloud Migration Support In response to many CIO priorities, IT teams are migrating to cloud-based platforms and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to maximize staff efficiency and service delivery, while reducing OpEx. Our approach enables government agencies to migrate to cloud platforms with confidence. In hybrid cloud environments, nGeniusONE provides visibility across the entire service stack, including the interdependencies involved in the application and service delivery infrastructure. Our solution also leverages NETSCOUT's pervasive instrumentation for cloud environments with vSTREAM ® virtual appliances. vSTREAM helps provide cost-effective visibility necessary for assuring cloud and virtual transformation project success, using ASI-generated smart data to assess performance before, during, and after migration, regardless of the private, public, or hybrid cloud strategy or vendor technology (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware virtual servers) utilized.

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