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How Virtual Pharmacy Services Can Support Employee Mental Wellness

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P. 2 Introduction People across Canada are struggling with their mental health. Some studies show the highest reported levels of anxiety and depression ever recorded in Canada. Throughout the pandemic it has become clear that especially due to the challenges of isolation and anxiety, plan members need access to care, ongoing wellness support, and help finding effective therapies. Employees in Canada look to their employers to help them find and access the care they and their families need. This ebook explores the role a virtual pharmacy benefit can play in supporting the mental health of plan members. An epidemic of mental illness. Mental wellness was a key public health concern prior to the coronavirus pandemic, with 17.8% of Canadians 12 and older needing help. By 2021 the number of people reporting high levels of anxiety had quadrupled and those reporting high levels of depression jumped by 70% since the first wave of COVID-19. One third of Canadian residents will be affected by a mental illness at some point in their lives, and it accounts for 20% of all chronic diseases among plan members – more than hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis or diabetes. Depression and anxiety are the most common concerns, along with substance use. By the numbers: The staggering cost of mental illness. The number of Canadians who miss work each week due to mental illness. The cost of lost productivity by employers each year due to mental illness. The total economic impact of mental illness in Canada each year. The percent of plan members with mental illness who report arriving late or leaving early at work because of it. The cost of mental health disability claims versus those for physical conditions. 550K 64% 2X $6B $50B

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