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2022 Argentina Market Report

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ARGENTINA Regulation Subcontract Allowed yes Whether subcontracting is legal in country Maximum Contract Duration 60 Maximum tenure for single term contract Visa Free Score Passport Index 98 Number of countries this country's visa provides access to without additional visa Global Country Welcoming Rank 84 Ranking of countries based on openiness of its visa policies where 1 is most open Ease of Doing Business 126 Reported ranking of business conditions based on economics and regulation where 1 is easiest Severance Notice Period (Weeks) 4.3 3.7 8.7 5.4 Country Global Avg Country Global Avg 1 year tenure 5 year tenure Cost Efficiency Cost of Business Start-up Procedures 5% million of Gross National Income per capita Is equal pay for equal work mandated? Gender Parity Yes Parity Requirements Full (Pay + Benefits) Partial (Pay or Benefits) None (Neither) In alignment of Permanent and Contingent Workers Average Monthly Wage (US$) $ 1,180 1,141 2,114 Country Regional Average Global Productivity 51.80 58.10 58.00 53.60 3.00 2.15 Labor Market Efficiency Technical Readiness in Commerce Max Probation Period (months) Major Restrictions on Night Work No Major Restrictions on Work on Holidays No Average Work Day (Hours) 8.0 hours 8.0 hours Average Work Week (Hours) 44.0 hours 44.5 hours Country Region This market profile is intended to provide an overview of general business information relative to employment conditions and considerations. Consult with legal counsel to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. The primary data sources are based on December 2016 statistics from the Ministries of Labour, the Central Intelligence Agency (U.S.), World Data Bank, Trading Economics, and internal data collected as part of ManpowerGroup global reporting efforts. Other sources include the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Report 2016 & Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017, the United Nations' World Population Prospects, and Arton Capital's Passport Index & Welcoming Countries Rank.

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