Case Study: Mercury + U.S. Coast Guard, Defending Borders and Protecting the Maritime Environment

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CHALLENGE Shipboard command and control on the high seas is no easy task. The U.S. Coast Guard is challenged with executing an array of maritime duties, from ensuring safe and lawful commerce to performing rescue missions, often in harsh and stormy waters. Like all branches of the military, the Coast Guard relies on vast amounts of data - gathered from sensors on the move that are designed to withstand severe environmental conditions like temperature extremes, salt, fog and humidity. This data must be quickly processed by high-performance, rugged and reliable compute systems so that information can be delivered in real-time for appropriate and immediate action. SOLUTION The U.S. Coast Guard partnered with Mercury, our engineers and technology experts to design a rugged tactical rack server that delivers the performance and SWaP-optimized features best suited to meet their requirements. The customized and powerful RES 1.5U lightweight (20 lb) system was designed and tested for on-the-move operations and includes patented technologies like memory stabilization and remote battery bypass, which enables BIOS battery replacement without system shutdown for increased uptime and high reliability. Two 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors deliver superior computational power for real- time, actionable insights and multiple expansion slots and large storage capacity provide the capabilities to handle volumes of mission-critical data. RESULT The high-performance computing provided by Mercury rugged rack servers delivers faster data ingest and processing from multiple sensors to enable the rapid decisions nearly 42,000 men and women actively serving in the Coast Guard need to make as they perform search and rescue, threat surveillance, weapons targeting and signals intelligence missions to defend our borders and protect the maritime environment. U.S. Coast Guard: Defending Borders and Protecting the Maritime Environment EXPLORE MERCURY RUGGED SERVERS CASE STUDY Mercury + U.S. Coast Guard

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