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TEKTELIC and Talkpool - LoRaWAN Solutions that Scale

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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE Smart Buildings Europe Certified Device Maker Gateway Maker Talkpool Sensors Utilize LoRaWAN ® Connectivity through TEKTELIC Gateways to Provide Superior IAQ and HVAC Optimization LoRaWAN ® IS THE RIGHT LPWAN The key advantage of LoRaWAN ® is how easy it is to install in existing buildings and its cost-benefit ratio. One or two TEKTELIC indoor gateways can cover a large building completely, at which point the infrastructure is ready. Then, wireless sensor devices, such as Talkpool's OY1210 LoRaWAN CO 2 meters, are installed. Adding network infrastructure to an existing building is often difficult, but in this case, no wiring is necessary, which makes implementation significantly easier. Because the sensors do not need to connect to the building's WiFi system, there is no security risk either. The devices use very little power, thanks to the optimized hardware design by Talkpool, in combination with the efficiency of the LoRaWAN ® protocol. As a result, they can send the data of high quality CO 2 measurements every 20 minutes and still reach a maintenance-free battery life of 5 years. LoRaWAN ® SCALES Future-Proof: The open capabilities of a LoRaWAN network allow for multiple device types with various use cases to all operate on the same public network, streamlining data collection for system users. This allows Talkpool to, next to optimization of HVAC systems, provide its real estate industry customers with additional solutions, such as building damage prevention and providing measurements for green building certifications. This is very easy since all devices use the same LoRaWAN infrastructure and connect to Tektelic's gateways. SITUATION: OUR INDOOR LIVES 92% of our time on average is spent indoors, which makes the monitoring and control of indoor air quality of utmost importance for our health and well-being. Simultaneously, managing energy usage has become increasingly important, and reducing climate impact while achieving financial savings through energy savings is of crucial importance to real estate owners. ISSUE: AIR QUALITY MONITORING To improve indoor air quality, many organizations are deploying CO2 meters with a traffic light alarm functionality. The light indicates when the air quality has deteriorated. There is no obvious follow-up however, spreading confusion in the building. Should the window be opened, in the middle of the cold winter, or should the room be abandoned? In the long-term, no data is accumulated either, so that no data-driven decision can be made to structurally improve problematic areas in the building. Real estate owners in Sweden instead wanted to find a data collecting solution that would allow it to monitor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and control the building management systems that impact it. In 2019, Sweden started its LoRaWAN IoT solution—using Talkpool OY1210 sensors and TEKTELIC KONA Micro Gateways—in one building. The slimline wall-mount Talkpool OY1210 LoRaWAN® sensor measures temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide, with a maintenance free lifetime of 5 years based on 20-minute reporting intervals and adaptive reporting intervals to detect rapid changes in CO 2 levels.

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