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TEKTELIC and Talkpool - LoRaWAN Solutions that Scale

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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE PARTNERSHIP & DEPLOYMENT Member name: TEKTELIC Communications Member name: Talkpool Location(s): Sweden Geographic size: Scaling in all of Sweden, expanding internationally Talkpool devices deployed: OY1210 LoRaWAN CO 2 meters Number of devices deployed: 10.000 Number of TEKTELIC gateways deployed: 100 Number of messages handled/period: 960.000 daily ROI: within 1- 2 years each building can expect • 10-25% energy savings • 20-40% reduced carbon footprint • Up to 50% improved occupant comfort (related to indoor climate) VALUE OF COLLABORATION TEKTELIC provides high quality infrastructure. This level of reliability is vital for Talkpool sensors in this solution, as downtime would result in a loss of energy savings and air quality optimization. As LoRa Alliance members, TEKTELIC and Talkpool collaborate within the larger LoRaWAN ecosystem and have access to the most recent updates to specifications, regulations, and implementation practices. Contact Information Talkpool Boris de Bruin (Marketing and Sales) TEKTELIC Communications Marc Alford (Marketing Analyst) SOLUTION In 2019, Talkpool and TEKTELIC partnered to provide real estate owners in Sweden a LoRaWAN Smart Building solution that began in office buildings, schools and shopping malls. The first year was devoted to proof of concept installations, the second to a limited number of full building rollouts, and this year rollouts have completed across the country. In the upcoming year, Talkpool and TEKTELIC plan to expand the solution internationally. Talkpool has successfully implemented LoRaWAN ® air quality monitoring sensors and TEKTELIC's best in class KONA Micro gateways to provide an important End-to-End IoT solution to its customers. The LoRaWAN devices use adaptive reporting intervals to end up with a market-leading ratio between data availability and battery life. This works as follows: the device measures CO2 levels every minute, but reports it only every 20 th minute, to save power. However, if a threshold level of CO2 has been surpassed, or if an increase of 100 ppm has been detected, the device directly sends a new data report. Based upon this data, the ventilation will directly be activated by the AI control system. Equipped with a 4-6-hour battery backup, the KONA Micro Gateway will continue to operate even in the event of power loss to the main site, so operations can continue at all times. The KONA Micro Gateway is a market-leading 8-channel LoRaWAN® Gateway solution which has the capacity to simultaneously send and receive hundreds of messages every second from the devices deployed in its vicinity. TEKTELIC KONA Micro LoRaWAN Gateway (EU/LTE/BAT)

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