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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE Unlocking Innovation in Tampa, Florida with Expansive Senet Public LoRaWAN Network Coverage LoRaWAN ® IS THE RIGHT LPWAN The capabilities of wireless networks and sensor-enabled solutions have matured to the point where they are now a primary consideration in how municipal and enterprise infrastructure is designed and how services are delivered. By providing long range, long end-device battery life, advanced propagation characteristics, and power-efficient maintenance, LoRaWAN ® networks are designed to support large-scale municipal IoT deployments with the cost structure and flexibility they need. By connecting an unlimited number of sensor-enabled devices to Senet's public LoRaWAN network, municipalities can act on new sources of data to address operational efficiencies, economic development, and resource conservation, including: • Water metering and infrastructure monitoring • Natural gas metering, leak detection, shut off, and safety applications • Monitoring rising flood water and stormwater levels • Optimizing trash collection and public parking • Automating and optimizing street lighting • Automating irrigation in public green spaces • Tracking high-value assets • Detecting municipal equipment failures • Managing in-building infrastructure • Detecting indoor and outdoor air quality LoRaWAN ® SCALES With the completion of its public LoRaWAN network across the Tampa Bay metro area, Senet's network covers over 1,600 square miles throughout Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties, including the cities of Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg: • Over 50 tower sites deployed • High density coverage and capacity to support millions of IoT device connections • Carrier-grade service and support • Broad outdoor coverage and indoor coverage for most scenarios • Extended Coverage supported by integrations with the Helium Network and Eutelsat satellite services • Flexible connectivity plans and solution deployment models SITUATION As connected city strategies are developed, municipal leaders are faced with a critically important choice when it comes to the networks they deploy. This choice impacts everything from interoperability, scalability, security, and the performance and longevity of the services they deliver. Development of a broad and densely deployed network requires planning that considers a number of customer and application requirements, along with the use of multiple vertical assets (towers, building tops, water towers, etc.) to mount gateways. Without thoughtful planning, deployment, and validation of network coverage, applications will likely underperform or fail. With the right network in place, municipalities can build and scale their connected city operations faster, and expand data driven service delivery at an equally rapid pace. Smart Cities North America Network Provider Senet gateway deployed on a tower in Tampa, Florida. CONTACT Senet, Inc. | 100 Market St., Ste 302 | Portsmouth, NH 03801 Phone: +1 877-807-5755 |

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