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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE 47,000 IAQ Sensors Create a Healthier Learning Environment in Canadian Schools LoRaWAN ® IS THE RIGHT LPWAN • LoRaWAN allows data transmission over a long distance with very low power consumption. Devices can run on batteries for up to 10 years or more. • LoRaWAN provides seamless interoperability among smart things without the need of complex local installations. • LoRaWAN provides deep indoor coverage which allows the communications to work in spite of thick walls between classrooms. LoRaWAN ® SCALES • 2 pilots were implemented before the client started the project. In each pilot, Milesight's AM107 were installed very quickly in approximately 30 classrooms, and Assek's software presented great tools to easily monitor the air quality in classrooms. The success of the 2 pilots proved LoRaWAN was the right technology and the client believed it was possible to adopt this solution in thousands of schools across Quebec very easily and quickly. In result, approximately 47,000 classrooms were equipped with this LoRaWAN IAQ monitoring system. ISSUE Security, reliability, low maintenance and ease of deployment were the main concerns for the client. Based on its requirements, the solution had to: - Use a wireless communication protocol to acquire all the data from the sensors. - Could not use Wi-Fi or Cellular Internet connection (for security and reliability reasons). - Include battery powered devices. - Allow data transmission every 5 minutes, while keeping a battery life of at least 4 years - Allow OTA modifications of devices configuration. - Be easily shipped across the province and require 5 minutes per classroom for the installation. - Be supported for 10 years. - Include an information system capable of displaying, analyzing, and processing the data in real time. Considering all these elements, it was clear LoRaWAN was the right solution. Photo #1 SITUATION The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of continuously monitoring indoor air quality, especially in schools. The Ministère de l'Éducation du Québec announced in September 2021 the deployment and installation of air quality and comfort parameters sensors in more than 47,000 classrooms across the province. Measuring indoor carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) concentrations, relative humidity and temperature is part of the strategy developed to create the best possible learning and working environment for students and school staff at all times. Smart Building North America Device Maker

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