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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE Cellnex Deploys LoRaWAN Networks with Global Omnium LoRaWAN ® IS THE RIGHT LPWAN Smart water metering is a new business paradigm for water suppliers, the means to add a new dimension to monitoring thanks to the volume of data extracted. Network connection is needed for the smart meters to send this information and preferred characteristics include good quality SLAs, extensive and flexible coverage and low-power consumption. LoRaWAN offers all these key benefits at a significantly low cost, making it the ideal choice for a high-return investment. Additionally, the security (for both devices and network) and the bidirectional capabilities of the specification greatly differentiate it from other LPWAN standards. A LoRaWAN network infrastructure is a strong long-term asset because it is the foundation for many business activities beyond the initial use case. The network is initially adapted and designed according to a customer's needs and can later evolve to support both additional scale and new use cases. Another characteristic of LoRaWAN that demonstrates its flexibility and sets it apart from other LPWANs is its adaptability to the nature of the activity it supports. The business model associated with the LoRaWAN specification is one with a broad range of possibilities, ranging from a limited private network to a national-wide public one to community and hybrid networks. Network choice depends upon the vision and requirements of the customer. LoRaWAN ® SCALES A particular LoRaWAN network can be expanded to cover more territory with the setup of more "nodes" or gateways , the transceivers responsible for communicating with devices and connecting them to the Internet. This setup process is far simpler and cheaper than doing the same with other technologies. Having an established LoRaWAN network covering a whole municipality makes the registration of new devices simple. This is the "vertical" scalability of the solution ; for the duration of the contract the number of devices on the network can be increased according to the needs of the municipality and the client. The set- up and provisioning process of new meters are easy and straight- forward tasks. By deploying LoRaWAN networks in municipalities for water- related services, municipalities also create opportunity to expand the "horizontal" scale of the network. Other smart services can be enabled such as the smart waste collection and management, parking sensors that optimize public space, or the remote monitoring of comfort parameters and electrical consumption in social housing homes. All these use cases accelerate the improvement of the quality of life of the municipality's citizens and the performance and administration of public services. Moreover, these are services in which Cellnex has gained expertise in the IoT sector, and as a provider of LoRaWAN connectivity, it is positioned to be a favored partner for the undertaking of these new opportunities. MUNICIPALITIES MONITOR WATER Global Omnium sought to enable remote monitoring of water consumption across multiple municipalities in the autonomous community of Valencia, Aragon, Catalunya and others in Spain. Gradually, the client aims to have the different sets of metering devices of each town connected to be able to visualize and work with the data received to improve its activities and services provided. Smart Water Europe Network Operator

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