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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE USE CASE: WATER METERING CRA has successfully launched also several IoT use cases, including Water Metering. During a pilot testing, CRA verified the possibility of sending up to 90% of all data over one of the IoT networks. The mobile application IoT.water enables physical readings even if Water Meters are not equipped with the remote transmission. Other features include: • communication with the Transmitter during setup and installation • downloading data from the internal memory • reading data from walking or travel mode. The mobile application transmits the acquired data via the GSM network to the information system for further possible use. LoRaWAN® geolocalization. Localization of cart movement with the use of LoRaWAN geolocalization. PARTNERSHIP & DEPLOYMENT Member name: TEKTELIC Communications Member name: České Radiokomunikace a.s. Location: Czech Republic Geographic size: entire country Type of devices deployed: TEKTELIC KONA Macro IoT Gateway Number of gateways deployed: 580 USE CASE: WASTE MANAGEMENT Another successfully deployed solution for Waste Management is Sensoneo. The main issue was to enable cities and companies in the Czech Republic: • to optimize costs • to increase environmental friendliness • to improve the quality of life. With its Smart Waste Management technology, Sensoneo is revolutionizing the way it manages waste management.  TECHNICAL DETAIL According to CRA, one of the main advantages of the TEKTELIC KONA Macro LoRaWAN gateway is its operational stability and high performance on the radio unit of the gateway. The KONA gateway—with cellular modem and GPS antennas embedded internally—targets network sites that dictate a small form factor and low power consumption, thereby reducing their intersection of unwanted signals, especially those of mobile operators. Thus, CRA network enables precise geolocation, using a combination of Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) and Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) technologies to achieve an exceptional compromise between energy-intensive GPS and inaccurate RSSI technology. Through CRA's own tests, they have found that it achieves accuracy within polygons of tens of meters, which is sufficient primarily for use-cases such as geofencing, tracking in logistics, supply chain, security, etc. As a result, the nationwide LoRaWAN® network is bringing a new opportunity to local companies to deploy their own IoT application and use cases, also allowing Czechs: • to have more data about their surrounding environment • to improve operational efficiencies • to make smarter decisions • to reduce costs • to smartly manage their environmental impact. VALUE OF COLLABORATION By partnering with TEKTELIC, CRA was able to provide an 80%-coverage in the country (of the total 95 %), giving a raise for various IoT solutions.

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