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Efficient workflow Quantm Trimble Quantm provides reliable alignment planning, based on alignment standards, so you can plan a new highway or rail corridor more efficiently, both for 2 Km and up to 4,000 Km projects! The integrated alignment optimization tool, calculates automatically through thousands of alternatives, analyzing terrain shape, area restrictions, area costs, areas to avoid etc. , to find the best corridors. The system will help you find a number of alternatives much faster than doing this manually. The system is of most value when used from the initial project scoping stage, when greater flexibility can be allowed. Reliable and cost-effective planning and design is absolutely crucial to achieve successful infrastructure projects. Trimble´s unique planning, scheduling and BIM (Building Information Modeling) solutions improve efficiency and productivity, whilst minimizing errors, waste and cost at every stage of the project. The design solution is ready for BIM Level 3 – the most advanced state to date – allowing the model data to be used, extended and evolved by all stakeholders throughout the complete project lifecycle. The single, shared BIM model is continuously enriched to bring workflow efficiency and quality gains all the way – providing optimal results for the project owner. PLAN WITH CONFIDENCE "Identify the full range of corridor alternatives"

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