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The evolving conversation around cloud security Security will always be top of the agenda in any cloud conversation, but the way we talk about it is changing. Today, customer concerns have evolved beyond whether or not the cloud is secure: instead, they are asking about the recommended best practices to be secure in the cloud. Customers want to know: What kind of controls are available so I know who is accessing my data and when? How do I access and audit my data so I know I'm in compliance? How can I secure a hybrid cloud environment? Many customers have already moved critical workloads with confidence knowing that AWS is architected to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. These customers have transformed the way they operate so they can focus on their core business—all while making the organization more secure. The first wave of customers found that security in the cloud was as much a cultural shift as a technological upgrade. They have shared some of the key benefits you should keep in mind when seeking the best way to secure data in the cloud. As confidence in the public cloud grows, we see that the volume of applications being run on shared infrastructure is also growing. This gives us more and varied use cases that reveal the benefits and best practices for operating securely in the cloud. 51% 51 percent of IT managers said data security is better in the cloud than in their data centers. 58% 58 percent said public cloud was the most secure, flexible, and cost-effective solution for their organizations. 1 76% 76 percent of companies are rapidly moving their security to the cloud. They're doing away with static, inherently insecure legacy systems in favor of more dynamic, nimble, and integrated cloud and network systems that are secure by design. 1 S A DA s y s t e m s p u b l i c c l o u d s u r v e y 2 P w C 2 0 2 1 G l o b a l D i g i t a l Tr u s t I n s i g h t s 2

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