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Identity & Access Controls Identity and access controls are critical to ensuring that only authorized users, groups, or applications can access internal resources. Your provider should give you access to define, enforce, and audit user permissions across services, actions, and resources so that the right people have access to the right resources under the right conditions. AWS Single Sign-On AWS Identity & Access Management AWS Organizations Amazon Cognito Detective Controls Your cloud provider should offer you the visibility you need to spot issues before they impact the business, improve your security posture, and reduce the risk profile of your environment. AWS Security Hub Amazon GuardDuty AWS CloudTrail Amazon Inspector Infrastructure Security Clouds The right infrastructure security controls will enable you to reduce the surface area you need to manage and increase privacy for and control of your overall cloud infrastructure. AWS Firewall Manager AWS Network Firewall AWS Systems Manager AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) Data Protection Controls You should have access to automatic data encryption and management services, including data management, data security, and encryption key storage. Amazon Macie AWS Key Management Service AWS Certificate Manager AWS Secrets Manager AWS CloudHSM Incident Response Controls Organizations implement mechanisms to respond to and mitigate the potential impact of security incidents to return to a known good state. Amazon Detective AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Next Steps for Cloud Security Success Security in the cloud is composed of these five areas with some recommended solutions that can help you design and migrate to a cloud architecture with security in mind. The paper provides in-depth, best-practice guidance for architecting secure workloads on AWS. Learn more in the AWS Well-Architected Security Pillar › 10

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