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Making projects cost-effective & efficient with Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact ™ study to examine the potential returns enterprise can realize by deploying the EcoSys ™ Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) platform. Benefits of an EPP approach Enhanced visibility for all stakeholders Integrated management systems A richer data environment Access to near real-time performance data Capital spend forecast accuracy EcoSys empowers users to: Be more cost effective Consolidate procurements - Identify similar but separate procurements and obtain resources through larger buys, resulting in better prices. Improve predictability Provide accurate forecasts - EcoSys reduced variations in forecasts, providing more accurate data, leading to more effective project plans. Make better decisions Gain complete visibility - Managers obtained a singular view of the entire project portfolio which informed their strategies. They were given the tools to choose more profitable projects. "With EcoSys, we now have visibility into our projects and across all our portfolios in one spot. We didn't have that before. Before there were a lot spreadsheets, project lists and so forth. With EcoSys, we can see what kind of a strategic fit projects are and how the align with our business objectives." - Director of Portfolio Management, Manufacturing $14M Total savings Improve project controller productivity - $2.6M Enhance collaboration - $1.5M Decommission legacy systems - $313.2K Reduction in project cost overruns Increase in project controller productivity Productivity recapture rate for employees 20% 25% 50% Ready to see more? Download the study Based on the commissioned study "The Total Economic Impact™ of EcoSys™ by Hexagon ® conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Hexagon, January 2022. The results shown are indicative of a composite organization created to represent the EcoSys customers interviewed for the study. These results were realized over a 3 year period. Pivot capital spending more quickly and easily - $2.2M Reduced project cost overruns - $7.4M 85% ROI $6.42M Net present value 21 month Payback period

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