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MultiTech Nobel Parking PNI Helium LoRaWAN Solutions that Scale

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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE LoRaWAN Partners Unite to Solve Parking Issues LoRaWAN ® IS THE RIGHT LPWAN Utilizing LoRaWAN enables the City of Huntington Park to most cost-effectively connect a large number of parking space IoT sensors to the cloud compared to other technologies. In addition, the now established LoRaWAN network allows additional services to easily be added to the network in the future so the city can increase services for residents/visitors and reduce city operating costs. LoRaWAN ® SCALES Easily increase the number of parking spaces tracked by adding additional sensors if necessary. Alternative parking solutions reviewed required more infrastructure, such as dedicated RF network antennas and wiring to deploy such large applications. With the right technologies and the right partners in place, this created a solution that worked for everyone. In the end, it's the citizens and city officials that reaped the benefit. MultiTech Conduit IP67 Base Station and Nobel's Application at Work SITUATION Anyone who spends a lot of time driving knows that parking can be a time consuming and frustrating chore. With increasing congestion, parking restrictions and fewer stopping routes, drivers are finding it increasingly more difficult to find available spots. Adding to this difficulty is the challenge of paying the parking fee after a spot is finally secured. In some areas, meters are not easy to find, require coins or sometimes are even broken, all leaving the parker with even more frustration. It was all these challenges that the City of Huntington Park set forth to tackle in developing a new easy to use parking application for its citizens. ISSUE Nobel did their own homework on the gateways in the field. They needed the solution to be reliable in outdoor conditions, waterproof and airtight. The MultiTech gateway fit the bill. It also had a high LoRaWAN range. In a site survey of the gateway range, MultiTech's gateways had a much higher range for communication that would lessen the number of gateways required, reducing the expense for the City. If they had opted for another vendor, they would have needed more gateways. In the end, Nobel Parking decided, like the City of Huntington concluded, that the MultiTech Conduit® IP67 was their first choice. Smart Cities North America Gateway

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