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STS TTN and Connexin

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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE The Things Industries and Connexin to D eploy LoRaWAN ® S mart C ity P rojects A cross Coventry and Warwickshire LoRaWAN ® IS THE RIGHT LPWAN TTN, in partnership with Connexin, is t aking smart city projects in Coventr y and Warwickshire to the next level with a large scale smart metering deployment of 150K smart water meters . LoRaWAN is the right technology for this solution because of its s ustainable indoor and outdoor penetration, secure data transmission , fast installation , and because it can work in areas with existing anchor tenants . LoRaWAN ® SCALES LoRaWAN is a cost - effective technology for building smart city solutions, as it allows collecting data over large areas and across devices that have battery life of over 10 years. The deployment will be implemented by Connexin using Itron smart meters and The Things Industries' LoRaWAN® Network Server - The Things Stack . Smart Cities Europe Solutions Provider Network Provider PARTNERSHIP & DEPLOYMENT Member name: The Things Network/The Things Industries Member name: Connexin Location(s): Coventry, Warwickshire, United Kingdom Type of devices deployed: Itron Aqudis + R500 smart water meters with Cyble 5 radio module Number of devices deployed: 150K ISSUE T he UK ha s split NB - IoT and LTE - M networks and Coventry and Warwickshire want cost - effective IoT connectivity. Because Connexin can deploy networks quickly and efficiently a nd offer s LoRaWAN as a s ervice in areas with existing anchor tenants , The Things Network can provide dedicated IoT connectivity cost - effectively and with greater agility than traditional telcos. SOLUTION The project includes deploying 150K smart meters across Coventry and Warwickshire. The deployment will be implemented by Connexin using the Itron Aquadis + R500 smart meters with the Cyble 5 radio module and The Thing s Industries' LoRaWAN® Network Server - The Things Stack . Contact info : Anastasia Grammatikopoulou The Things Industries Photo from Connexin's deployment sites in Coventry and Warwickshire for Severn Trent Water. SITUATION T he project aims to provide accurate real - time water usage data to enable more precise billing and reduce the risks of water leakage on physical sites. The data received will allow Severn Trent Water's systems to assess water consumption within the network and provide a realistic picture of how much water is put into the network to serve customers. From the customer side, it will allow them to be notified about the out of the ordinary consumption size and potentially save costs by better understanding their usage levels.

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