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How software vendors can secure a stronger future in the cloud INFOGRAPHIC In today's highly competitive and fast-changing marketplace, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) need to continually modernize to meet evolving customer demands, stay competitive and safeguard ongoing profitability. Customers expectations for more convenient, subscription-based software solutions are growing. Customers now expect new technology-enabled application capabilities in order to accelerate their digital transformation. Customers want solutions that give them a full 360-degress visibility of data, whilst still enabling them to meet data compliance requirements. To meet these demands, ISVs need a platform for building and modernizing apps that maximizes agility, flexibility, security and scalability. That is why many software vendors have already made the decision to migrate their on-premises applications to run in the cloud. Why migrate apps to AWS Cloud? By migrating applications to a modern, flexible cloud environment, you can overcome the limitations of running applications on-premises and modernize your application development platform to gain greater business agility and responsiveness. Drive greater Innovation With access to AWS Digital Innovation Programs and the latest technologies, you can develop new app features and capabilities. Generate new revenue streams Accelerate your move to new cloud based delivery models with AWS SaaS Factory program and discover new ways to grow your business. Reduce time-to-market Achieve greater flexibility for R&D and testing new apps, and gain access to AWS's RethinkDB, a more agile platform for building scalable, real-time apps. Expand global footprint Quickly scale resources and apps to reach new markets through AWS's global footprint of services. Improve security Take advantage of greater control and security capabilities, with over 230 security, compliance and governance services and features offered by AWS. Power your future with AWS With over 15 years' experience – longer than any other cloud provider – and the most comprehensive and mature set of migration solutions, Amazon Web Services (AWS) powers the solutions and capabilities offered by thousands of leading software vendors worldwide. ISVs' success is powered by AWS's: Track record and market leadership Culture of customer obsession Rich ecosystem and marketplace of partners, customers and vendors Continual focus on innovation Lower costs and simple pricing models Access to the ISV Partner Network Migrating to the AWS Cloud supports ISVs too: Learn more about powering your future with AWS For more details about how AWS powers ISVs to stay competitive and successfully deliver new business models, download our eBook "Building a stronger future for software vendors powered by AWS". Download eBook › © 2022, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Read our Privacy Notice

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