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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE EVERSMART CLEAN: A CLEANING REVOLUTION LoRaWAN ® IS THE RIGHT LPWAN Using an open standard such as LoRaWAN® means Microshare's Sensing Network solutions benefits from the ability to ingest data from multiple overlapping networks – all without touching sensitive corporate networks or putting intellectual property or other corporate assets at risk. Improve productivity & responsiveness Microshare's predictive cleaning solution, EverSmart Clean, enables staff to clock into a space that has received a service request. It also enables companies to measure and document the responsiveness of their team or differentiate performance among staff. LoRaWAN ® SCALES Scalability EverSmart Clean is currently deployed globally in stadiums, hotels, warehouses, hospitals, theaters, shopping centers, office buildings, multifamily residential and academic settings. No matter the size, the combination of Microshare's Sensing Network, Skiply's user friendly end-devices and Kerlink's industrial-grade LoRaWAN gateways are creating transformational data insights where none existed before. Future-Proof Predictive cleaning of EverSmart Clean is just one layer of the data-driven power of EverSmart, which measures air quality (EverSmart Air), space utilization (EverSmart Space), energy and water consumption (EverSmart Energy) as well as occupant safety and wellness and building sustainability (EverSmart Wellness and EverSmart ESG). The EverSmart suite of products produces results out of the box that prepare businesses to thrive in the 'new normal'. THE CHALLENGE A large US-based Facilities Management (FM) company sought a technology solution to increase cleaning and maintenance capacity amid the tight labor market created by COVID-19. EverSmart Clean, Microshare's data-driven cleaning product, met the challenge. With real-time activity data, alerts and scoring, the FM giant has netted a 15% to 30% productivity increase per head as labor is deployed more efficiently and cleaning resources are directed to those spaces that usage data indicates as 'high priority'. "Microshare successfully combine the power of data with their clients' operational expertise to create safer environments and improved building performance." - Bruce Alperin, Vice President, Facilities Services, Aramark THE RESULTS By implementing the predictive cleaning power of EverSmart Clean, the FM giant has replaced route scheduling systems and other guesswork thanks to its data-driven insight. Leading to increased customer satisfaction while cleaning more efficiently with less labor. What's more, the ability to report problems via our TouchFree Feedback™ monitors allow for real-time response and improved sanitation by providing early warning of leaks, malfunctions conditions and/or depleted supplies. Industry Region Partnership Product

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