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GreenField Direct Launches LoRaWAN Leak Protection Solution

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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE GreenField Direct Introduces State of the Art Leak Protection System: PipeBurst Pro 5 LoRaWAN ® IS THE RIGHT LPWAN Thirty-seven percent of homeowners have suffered losses due to water damage. Damages can quickly exceed $100,000, excluding legal liabilities, homeowner impact, and insurance rate increases or loss of coverage. The leak protection industry is flooded with solutions that rely on Wi-Fi or other wireless protocols. These sensors do not have the power to communicate in the constrained wireless environments that are common in luxury multi-family high rises. LoRaWAN ® gives PipeBurst Pro a connectivity advantage with a robust and reliable wireless network that helps our clients protect what matters most. LoRaWAN ® SCALES PipeBurst Pro systems protect everything from single-family residences, to commercial complexes, to high-rise luxury condominiums. With LoRaWAN ® , PipeBurst Pro systems can expand as property needs change. Protection can start in the early stages of construction and expand throughout the building as construction phases are completed. This provides peace of mind to everyone from developers, to realtors, to the resident and building management team. PipeBurst Pro is a fully customizable leak protection system that can evolve to fit any need. By using both flow and sensor-based leak detection, PipeBurst Pro can protect many different applications. SENSOR DEPLOYMENT PipeBurst Pro's WT500 wireless water sensors are placed at each water appliance. As soon as a sensor detects water, a signal is sent to the RS500 wireless relay to immediately close the shutoff valve. This immediate action stops the leak in its tracks, minimizing the damage. Smart Buildings North America Partnership Device COMPLETE COVERAGE FOR OPTIMAL MONITORING With LoRaWAN ® , wireless devices work in concert throughout a property instead of relying on a series of individual networks. This allows for protection in every corner, water has no place to hide. Building management teams can easily monitor and control their PipeBurst Pro leak protection system from a centralized management platform, Contact info: +1 (866) 466-5325

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