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Milesight Implements Smart Building Solution in Canada to Optimize Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE 4,400 Milesight Sensors Optimize Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality in Canadian Buildings LoRaWAN ® IS THE RIGHT LPWAN • LoRaWAN ® helps Canadian commercial buildings save more than one million Canadian dollars every year • LoRaWAN ® helps provide accurate indoor air quality and energy insights each day to guide the whole operation in the building • LoRaWAN ® technology extends Milesight sensors' battery life to 10+ years, reducing repetitive and maintenance work LoRaWAN ® SCALES This project spans more than 60 commercial buildings. Milesight sensors are installed on each floor and Milesight gateways are deployed approximately every 3 stories. The 4G module in the gateway provides an easy Internet connection for data transmission. Through simple ABP (Activation By Personalization), devices are able to join the LoRaWAN ® network easily and directly in order to monitor and transmit building data, including: • Indoor ambience temperature • Humidity • Carbon dioxide concentration • People counting SITUATION Our client - Peak Power, is dedicated to making it profitable for customers to meet net zero objectives. They help commercial buildings optimize their energy use without sacrificing tenant comfort. They harness environmental data such as indoor ambience temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, energy consumption, and people counting. They enable smart buildings by deploying sensor networks that collect real-time data for their AI-based Synergy platform. This creates safer and more comfortable building environments, reduces energy consumption, supports predictive maintenance, improves building efficiency, and increases productivity. ISSUE Initially, the sensors used by Peak Power to collect environmental parameters of buildings were wired, which led to challenges when building systems were upgraded, including: l Workload Increase: wired sensors take longer to upgrade l Poor Signal: The previous signal strength is highly prone to external effects of the context in which the communication is taking place. l High Cost: The previous sensors are unstable. Failure often occurred at irregular intervals, increasing labor costs. Considering all these elements, it was clear LoRaWAN ® was the right solution. Smart Buildings North America Solution Provider Device Maker

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