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Heyliot Use Case - Optimization of waste management Saumur Val de Loire Agglomération

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2022 USE CASE Optimization of waste management Saumur Val de Loire Agglomération (France) CONTEXT 99529 45 1234 Own Inhabitants Municipalities km2 collection GOALS - A better understanding of the activity of the container fleet - An increased reactivity - No more cleanliness problems CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL After a few weeks of receiving feedback, we can make several observations: the data is proving to be most useful for the two most distant drop-off points being tested in order to optimize movements and adapt collection frequencies. For the voluntary drop-off points located in the center of Saumur, the sensor is able to detect bags that are stuck in the trash chute. We receive a notification indicating that the column is full and by analyzing the curve, we can very quickly realize that it is an obstruction. Our maintenance team intervenes to unblock the chute and thus avoids the illegal dumping of waste around the drop-off point. The hour-by-hour visualization of the filling rate is also useful in terms of operation, to better understand how the drop-off points are being used by the population. The Heyliot team knows how to make itself available and helped us throughout the deployment and use of the product, with regular feedback to best meet our needs. --Alice DESVALLON, Operations Manager Smart City Europe Device SITUATION Saumur Val de Loire Agglomération was searching for a sensor and they asked Heyliot to equip a dozen voluntary drop-off points. Why use a sensor? When containers are full, people often leave their garbage outside, near the drop-off point. Saumur Val de Loire Agglomération wanted to avoid these overflows by being alerted as soon as a container is full. On the contrary, some points are also located on the outskirts of towns, and the Heyliot solution could also be used to optimize collections. SOLUTION Deploy 15 sensors on above-ground and underground drop-off points previously identified as problematic. - Thanks to its universal fixing system, the sensor can be installed on all types of waste containers - In order to send their measurements, the sensors use the Orange public network dedicated to connected objects (LiveObjects). Thanks to the Heyliot platform, you can: - Visualize in real-time the filling level of the containers - Sort and filter any data about waste flow, location or filling levels - Set up notifications for the RRP unit manager when certain thresholds are reached Contact information : Cyril PRADEL

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