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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE URBANA IOT PLATFORM AND TOOLKIT APP With a "point-to-point" control and remote management cloud system that allows monitoring, control and management of each individual lamp, Urbana's IoT Platform and Toolkit mobile app has enabled: - Diagnostic measurement of each lamp - Alerts regarding faulty lamps - Remote programming of lighting control parameters - Analysis of electrical parameters of each individual lighting fixture - Plug-and-play commission of devices Using Urbana IoT, LoRaWAN® network gateways and control devices, Urbana has successfully ensured widespread coverage of the territory by ensuring high performing IoT services. The devices, leveraging standard interfaces such as DALI 2.0 and ZHAGA Book 18, were easily connected to the manufacturer's lighting equipment. DEPLOYMENT DETAIL Member name: Urbana Smart Solutions S.r.l. Location: Province of Palermo, Italy Geographic size: 50km 2 Type of devices deployed: Nema and Zhaga lighting controllers and energy meters Number of devices deployed: 5000 Number of gateways deployed: 20 Number of messages: 480,000 msg/day SOLUTION The project required the installation of an advanced technological system able to control more than 800 street lighting lamps (for each city) through a LoRaWAN® network. The city administration looked for an IoT platform able to control not only the public lighting system, but also to allow the addition, on demand, of digital services to improve the livability of the city and provide value-added services for citizens. Thanks to the Urbana Toolkit App, the installer can reduce installation costs and speed-up the configuration process of the LoRaWAN® network. Urbana Toolkit Mobile App allows users to read real-time data collected from devices, monitor energy consumption, and view data history to increase energy efficiency and improve maintenance scheduling.

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