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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE Urbana IoT Platform Manages Public Lighting System for Sicilian Municipalities using a LoRaWAN ® Network LoRaWAN ® IS THE RIGHT LPWAN When deploying an IoT solution for street lighting, it is crucial to ensure connection over long distances— affordably—and maintain connectivity in remote locations or through difficult terrain. LoRaWAN is the preferred IoT LPWAN in these areas. LoRaWAN ® SCALES One requirement for a large municipality when selecting an IoT solution should be that it can scale readily, where a larger number of devices can be added to the network. One benefit of deploying a LoRaWAN solution is that the network can be used for other types of devices as well. When a city begins its digital transformation with lighting, it also has the option to include other solutions in the future, such as metering, parking, waste collection, and more. LoRaWAN Network Plan for Province of Palermo, Italy SITUATION The challenge was to install a technological system for public lighting over dozens of square kilometers in the province of Palermo, which has uneven topology with both hills and flat areas and requires hundreds of light points to be constantly monitored. ISSUE Existing control systems, based on mesh topology networks, for example, do not permit integration with standard-based lighting devices, making it difficult to scale the installation and service. The absence of a true Smart City platform does not allow the extension to additional services. Smart Cities Europe Solution Provider CONTACT INFO Urbana Smart Solutions S.r.l. Via Bruno Maderna 7, 30174 Mestre Venezia, Italy Tel +39 0412689294

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