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Talkpool and Netmore LoRaWAN Solutions that Scale

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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE PARTNERSHIP & DEPLOYMENT Member name: Netmore Member name: Talkpool Location(s): Sweden Geographic size: Scaling in all of Sweden, expanding internationally Talkpool devices deployed: OY1110 LoRaWAN Temperature and humidity sensors, OY1400 LoRaWAN Probe converters 0-10V, 4-20mA, OY1600 LoRaWAN Smart floor drain Number of devices deployed: 10.000 Number of gateways: 1.000 Number of messages handled/period: 960.000 daily VALUE OF COLLABORATION Netmore provides the reliable connectivity infrastructure that Talkpool needs to quickly scale. This has allowed for rolling out sensor devices across all of Scandinavia, to the great benefit of real estate-, insurance- and construction companies. Combining the strengths of Talkpool and Netmore in this,- and other solutions, is a good example of where collaboration increases both the strength and the availability of IoT solutions. In essence, high quality turn key solutions available for many is Talkpool's and Netmore's key to large volumes and solutions that scale. As LoRa Alliance members, Netmore and Talkpool also collaborate within the larger LoRaWAN ecosystem and have access to the most recent updates to specifications, regulations, and implementation practices. Contact Information Talkpool Boris de Bruin (Marketing and Sales) Netmore Group Eric Collinder (Sales) SOLUTION Since then, Talkpool has expanded this building damage prevention offering with a water leakage rope that is connected to the company's OY1400 LoRaWAN Probe converter 0-10V, 4-20mA. This allows for quick detection of direct water leakages in a building. Additionally, in 2022, Talkpool released the OY1600 LoRaWAN Smart floor drain. This is a floor drain with a leakage detection sensor in it. The most common problem in the bathroom is water leaking around the floor drain, either because of a damage to the waterproofing seal or a faulty connection between the waterproofing seal and the floor drain. This device, with its embedded sensor device, reports these leakages to the LoRaWAN ® network servers. This innovative solution portfolio is built upon LoRaWAN ® technology. The connectivity for this solution is provided by Netmore. Netmore is a dedicated IoT operator providing connectivity for device manufacturers, solution providers and other partners in the LoRaWAN ecosystem. Netmore's LoRaWAN is purpose-built for deployments that need robust, secure and reliable connectivity. Combining high service levels with the flexibility of LoRaWAN, Netmore enables large scale IoT projects for high demand end users across Europe. Talkpool's wide market precense and high demands on service quality requires both well established LoRaWAN coverage and high service levels in the network. Utilizing Netmore as the connectivity component was the natural choice for this and many other Talkpool offerings. The Talkpool OY1600 LoRaWAN® Smart floor drain is a floor drain with a sensor device in it to detect water leakages. The Talkpool OY1400 LoRaWAN® Leakage rope detects water leakages in a building.

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