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SOLUTIONS THAT SCALE Smart Buildings Europe Certified Device Maker Gateway Maker Talkpool Sensors Utilize LoRaWAN ® Connectivity through Netmore to Provide Building Damage Prevention solutions LoRaWAN ® IS THE RIGHT LPWAN The key advantage of LoRaWAN ® is how easy it is to install in existing buildings and its cost-benefit ratio. This has allowed Netmore to quickly build up LoRaWAN networks to support deployment of wireless sensor devices. At the same time, the wireless sensor devices themselves are incredibly easy to install, so that data collection can be started. The devices use very little power, thanks to the optimized hardware design by Talkpool, in combination with the efficiency of the LoRaWAN ® protocol. For example, Talkpool's OY1110 LoRaWAN Temperature and humidity sensor can send high quality measurement data every 15 minutes and still reach a maintenance-free battery life of 10 years. LoRaWAN ® SCALES Future-Proof: The open capabilities of a LoRaWAN ® network allow for multiple device types with various use cases to all operate on the same public network, streamlining data collection for system users. This allows Talkpool to, next to the deployment of temperature and humidity sensors, also install water leakage sensors, smart floor drains and even devices related to other use cases, such as smart metering devices. All of these devices seamlessly connect to Netmore's LoRaWAN ® network. SITUATION: BUILDING MANAGEMENT Today, in many organizations, management of a building is a manual process. It includes periodic inspections of the building, most often when the old tenant moves out. ISSUE: MOLD FORMING Older buildings are often not well ventilated in specific areas such as the bathroom or basement, resulting in the development of mold in those areas. Newer buildings have a similar problem but with a different root cause, as they are designed to be very energy efficient and thereby air-thight. The ventilation is arranged through the HVAC systems. In theory this works very well but in practice problems still arise due to for example a faulty ventilation system or misuse of the building by the tenant. Next to mold forming in the building there are also direct water leakages damaging the building. When these types of damages are discovered in a traditional way it's most often already too late. The costs for repair are at the highest possible point and additionally, the property can't be rented out for a couple of weeks. SOLUTION Talkpool was one of the first companies to use LoRaWAN technology in 2015, and launched the world's first LoRaWAN end device, which was the OY1100 LoRaWAN Temperature and humidity sensor. This device, and its predecessor the OY1110, plays a key role in preventing building damages from mold forming. This is because mold forms during specific temperature and humidity conditions. If, for example, a ventilation system breaks down, you can immediately see this in the temperature and humidity values. An alarm signal is then sent to the building manager, who can fix the problem before it results in costly damages. The wall-mounted Talkpool OY1110 LoRaWAN® sensor measures temperature and humidity, with a maintenance free lifetime of 10 years based on 15-minute reporting intervals.

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