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` Explainable AI Reduce bias and find better talent faster Identify the right talent faster with explainable AI. Boost recruiter efficiency, offer personalized career paths, and make progress on your DE&I initiatives, while reducing bias in the hiring process and providing transparency around your decisions, with explainable AI. OUR AI PRINCIPLES FAIR To make fair and responsible hiring decisions, you need to know that the data used is representative of real-world scenarios. There's also no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data used by our AI. EXPLAINABLE Get the rationale behind every recommendation, for full transparency around what made one candidate rank higher than another. We always inform candidates and users when AI is applied. ETHICAL AI can offer social benefits and help create equal access to meaningful work, skills, and careers for people of all backgrounds. Our AI approach respects human rights and diversity. OPEN Be confident in your compliance. We include responsible humans in the loop across the design, development, and delivery of AI. We have robust monitoring processes to enable easy reviews, feedback collection, auditing, and improvements. EMPOWERING Our AI dramatically reduces the manual effort required for everyday tasks throughout the Talent Lifecycle, while giving users full control. It will never make decisions without a human, or replace the unique insights and intelligence HR professionals bring to talent management. AUDITABLE We are committed to continual review, external audit, and constant improvement of our AI. Our models, training, and validation data have been audited by a third party to confirm we are meeting the industry standards, minimizing the risk of unintended bias. Beamery uses AI to power software that helps reduce bias in the hiring process and to enable us to deliver on Beamery's mission – to create equal access to work" Sultan Saidov, Co-founder and president of Beamery Transparency in AI is essential if you want to reduce bias and make informed decisions. Here are the principles we follow at Beamery: | Beamery Inc ©

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