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HOW DOES IT WORK? DEVELOP CONTEXTUALIZED SKILLS DATA The Beamery Talent Graph is a knowledge graph of 20+ billion facts, modeling the world of core business and HR concepts. Every Beamery customer gets their own Talent Graph, allowing them to dynamically adjust the data in the graph by extracting, interpreting, and contextualizing data. AN API-FIRST PRODUCT Beamery is built to connect to any of your tools, taking skill and role information from anywhere in your HCM tech stack, facilitating manual uploads of skill and role information (CSVs), and allowing specific administrators of this data to adjust roles and skills as needed. ENHANCING THE BESPOKE SKILLS TAXONOMY WITH BEAMERY'S AI As more skills data is added to the Universal Skills Platform, Beamery's AI enhances the customers' bespoke skills taxonomy by adding adjacent and inferred skills, helping to add more context to the AI recommendations and your workflow planning. REVIEW, ADJUST AND IMPROVE YOUR DATA Understand how data and insights provided by the Talent Graph have evolved, allowing you to adjust the recommendations. Your bespoke skills taxonomy will change as new data is added or connected to the Universal Skills Platform. The Universal Skills Platform is an innovative technology layer that continuously brings together skills data from disparate systems and provides a consistent skills taxonomy. | Beamery Inc © UNIFIED DATA EXPERIENCE After combining all the data, Beamery will give visibility of the enhanced and unified data set, so you can make sure you have one actionable source of truth in the Beamery CRM.

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