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© 2021, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Amazon Confidential and Trademark Guide for Compute Breakout Session during August 18, 2022 AWS FinHack August 11, 2022 This document describes the activities that AWS Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will conduct with customers during the Compute Breakout Session in the August 18, 2022 AWS FinHack. The Breakout Sessions will be conducted virtually via Amazon Chime. Customers will use the Amazon Chime screen sharing feature to display their AWS usage data (from their AWS Billing Console, Cost Explorer, and Compute Optimizer) with the AWS SME. The assigned AWS SME will help the customer navigate those interfaces, interpret and analyze their AWS usage data, and identify opportunities for cost optimization. AWS has informed and reminded customers that they need access to their AWS Billing Console, Cost Explorer, and Compute Optimizer. If the customer is lacking access, then the SME and the customer should reschedule the Compute Breakout Session for a later date, after the customer gains access to those interfaces. Customers that purchase through AWS Reseller Partners often do not have access to those interfaces. For such customers we recommend that the SME and the customer arrange to involve the Reseller Partner in this Breakout Session. The SME can point out what type of information we seek at each step of this Breakout Session, and the Reseller Partner can comment on what information is available in the interfaces that are made available to the customer. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Tom Marchok ( FinHack Objectives • Leverage hands-on lab to find cost savings and optimization opportunities • Document findings to quantify cost optimization opportunities • Think of ways you can employ learnings from the FinHack to optimize your AWS usage on an ongoing basis Prerequisites • Access to AWS Billing Console and Cost Explorer • Opt into Compute Optimizer • Use the payer account you have access to in AWS console to document cost savings • Direct any questions regarding permission levels and access should to your internal stakeholders and/or assigned Solution Architect or Technical Account Manager Finish Line • At the end of the Compute Breakout Session, attendees will have the opportunity to share lessons learned and cost savings • Work with your internal teams and AWS account team to realize the cost savings identifies • If you would like additional assistance please reach out to your account team Lab 1: View Auto-Generated Trend Reports in Cost Explorer • Open your AWS Console and Navigate to Cost Explorer

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