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© 2021, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Amazon Confidential and Trademark • This should take you to the AWS Cost Management home page • Note your Current Month's Trends in the Upper Right-hand Corner • Click on each one of the items to explore the corresponding report • These reports are automatically generated to provide you with insight into your consumption patterns Lab 2: Generate a Report to see your Compute Purchase Type Usage • Navigate to Cost Explorer, located on the left side menu • Set the Data Range to Last 12 Months by clicking on "1Y" in the Auto-Select portion of the date range selector and click Apply • Set the Date Range to "Monthly" in the adjacent drop down list • Now set the Group By option to "Purchase Option" Note, you may need to select the "More" drop down at the far right of the graph and select the "Purchase Option" entry in that list. • You will now see all of the purchase type options that you've been using through the last 12 months • Spend some time changing the other filters to scope this so that it's most relevant to you, we suggest the following: o Linked Account o Usage Type Group – "EC2: Running Hours" o Tag Value(s) • If you are using tags or separate accounts to define workloads, record the workload for which you are using the most On-Demand instances. • Add a filter to your view by selecting the Purchase Option filter (you may need to expand your filter categories to find this) and set its value to "On Demand" • Record the following: o Where are you using the most On-Demand? o Where are you using the most Spot instances? o Where are you using the most Reserved Instances? o Where are you using the most Savings Plans? • Change the Group By setting of your view to "Instance Type" o Record the top 5 instance types that you are using in your account, we will use this data in Lab 6. Note: Lab 6 includes a table that you can use to record the instance types. Lab3: Generate a Report to see your Spot Usage across Spot-integrated AWS Services • Navigate to Cost Explorer • In the upper right corner under Service, select EKS, EMR, ECS and EC2 Instances (note: the option is not available if you have not used the service in the time range selected) • Set the Group By option to Purchase Option • Evaluate which purchase options you are using by workload by selecting and deselecting Service types from Step 2 above • Record the following: o For which services are you using On-Demand for the largest part of your workload? o For which services are you using Spot/RI/Savings Plans for the largest part of your workload?

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