5 ways to create a frictionless onboarding experience

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The financial services industry has now reached a point where competition for customers is fierce, and banks need every advantage they can find. Many banks will have employed one, two or even more of the approaches we've outlined above, but that will often not be enough when it comes to providing a world-beating CX. To create a truly frictionless onboarding experience, and to gain a significant edge on the competition, banks will need to action all five of the suggestions outlined in this article, and they'll need to do so effectively. Working with a trusted and experienced partner, like Sopra Banking Software, can help. Click here to see how you can revamp your onboarding and digital sales experience today. e've already seen the power and importance of a smooth and seamless onboarding process, and we've also seen that it's an area where organizations, including banks, can struggle. Sopra Banking Software is the partner of choice for more than 1,500 financial institutions worldwide. The rich variety of our solutions, the strength of our conviction and our passion for innovation enable us to support our clients on a daily basis and in their future projects, as well as in their goals regarding financial inclusion. Our customers, based in over 80 countries around the world, benefit every day from our technologies and software, as well as the expertise of our 5,000 employees. Sopra Banking Software is a subsidiary of the Sopra Steria Group, a European leader in consulting, digital services and software development. With more than 47,000 employees, the Sopra Steria Group generated a turnover of €4.7 billion in 2021. For more information, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram or visit About Sopra Banking Software

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