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HxGN EAM is built for Transportation The pressure on the transit industry is immense: while asset and work management involve rigorous practices across all industries, they have never been more critical to transit and transportation. The ongoing need to do more with less, along with emerging challenges around health and safety protocols, have created unprecedented demands for agencies around the world. Often the transport industry is considered in terms of passengers and vehicles. However, this ignores the wider ecosystem that includes terminals, ports, stations and all the supporting infrastructure within these facilities, including track, signals, switches, catenary and other assets essential to delivering a transport service. This principle applies to all transport providers whether passenger, freight, rail or otherwise. Asset management has always been important for sustaining transportation and keeping a service up and running. However, with heightened public and regulatory attention around what it means to move people safely and reliably, that's no longer enough. Product Sheet Get a transit-focused EAM solution For more than 30 years, transit organizations of every size around the globe have relied on HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM) to help master the myriad details of asset management while maintaining full accountability for maintenance of assets such as vehicles, infrastructure, facilities and equipment. HxGN EAM for Transit Management takes advantage of cutting-edge technology for easy integration to other systems, exceptional user experience, advanced collaboration and mobility. Master the EAM details Using HxGN EAM for transit management, you will have the most powerful and flexible asset management solution available in a convenient, template-driven format tailored to the specific needs of the industry. You can understand all the systems that make your transit organization operate, see how those assets work together and make them operate more efficiently with HxGN EAM for Transit Management, the most sophisticated transit- focused asset management solution you'll find. You'll be better able to ensure reliability, maximize the service life of your equipment and prevent unplanned downtime.

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