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LoRaWAN ® Relay Specification TS011-1.0.0 ©2022 LoRa Alliance ® Page 60 of 60 The authors reserve the right to change specifications without notice. APPENDIX 5: END-DEVICE RELAY MODE 1879 ACTIVATION MANAGEMENT 1880 1881 As mentioned in this specification, prior to joining a LoRaWAN network, an end-device 1882 should autonomously decide whether or not to enable relay mode. 1883 1884 The following recommendation only applies to an end-device in "end-device controlled" 1885 mode (opposed to network controlled - Refer to "Table 40: RelayModeActivation format", 1886 value 0, 1 or 2). 1887 1888 When the end-device sends a Join-Request, it is recommended to enable the relay mode 1889 once every 4 frames. If the Join-Accept has been received on RXR, the end-device should 1890 keep the relay mode enabled. Otherwise, it should disable the relay mode. 1891 1892 Once the end-device is connected to the network: 1893 • It should disable the relay mode if it does not receive a WOR ACK after 8 WORs. 1894 It should enable the relay mode if it does not receive a valid downlink after 16 1895 uplinks. 1896

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