Case Study: Partnering with Industry Leaders for Rapid Data Storage Solutions

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> PARTNERING WITH INDUSTRY LEADERS FOR RAPID DATA STORAGE SOLUTIONS AVIONICS VISIONARIES / LEADING RESEARCH INSTITUTE A leading research institute was in search of the most dense, rugged universal storage solution for an airborne application. High-performance, incredibly dense, SWaP-optimized and network-attached all-flash storage system is a simplified and rapid solution developed in less time at a lower cost TRADITIONAL APPROACH MEANS LONG AND COSTLY DEVELOPMENT CYCLE Purchasing a hardware system and developing personalized storage software would require the institute to bring on full-time developers to create a network-attached storage solution. This approach would take approximately four years to complete, require long-term software management beyond the program end, and rule out on-time delivery for the end user. INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIPS FOR RAPID SOLUTIONS The leading research institute tapped into Mercury's strategic relationship with the number one storage supplier, VAST Data, to help with all their needs and immediately deliver a product. And while taking advantage of the more comprehensive Mercury solution meant a larger upfront cost, Mercury and VAST assured that the savings over the life of the program would be extremely significant, plus all updates/upgrades would be passed along to the end-user at no additional cost. $30M IN SAVINGS OVER LIFE OF PROGRAM WITH INNOVATIVE UNIVERSAL STORAGE ARCHITECTURE The research institute received an incredibly efficient system in a shorter timeframe—within three months go-to-market lead time versus four years, which would have cost more in the long run, and been less effective—that fit multiple petabytes of storage, switching and teraflops of performance into a 10U space. The resulting dense SWaP-optimized, network-attached, all-flash storage system was a more simplified, comprehensive and cost-effective solution achieved through close collaboration with commercial tech providers. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE RUGGED DATA STORAGE SYSTEM

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