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Bxb1 Model Generation The Jackson Laboratory can make large, single-copy transgene insertions into the ROSA26 safe harbor locus using JAX's new Bxb1 serine integrase technology. GETB TS0215 2022.09 ∙ No-risk guarantee: if we can't make the genetic modification requested, you will not pay. ∙ Projects start with a free feasibility assessment to design your model and identify potential risks. ∙ Full-service project: JAX designs and generates all reagents and DNA, and delivers genetically validated mice directly to you. ∙ Models are generated in the US allowing for fast shipments and no quarantine. ∙ Mouse models are covered by CRISPR/Cas9 limited Use Licenses with The Broad Institute and Caribou Biosciences, Inc. Service Highlights If your construct exceeds CRISPR/Cas9 size limitations, you can use Bxb1 to insert your transgene directly into the Gt(ROSA)26Sor "ROSA26" safe harbor locus. Bxb1 serine integrase is a new technology developed by JAX researchers that permits large, single-copy, targeted transgene insertions. Overview Genetic Backgrounds Deliverables Timelines ∙ C57BL/6J ∙ C57BL/6J albino ∙ NOD/ShiLtJ ∙ NSG™ ∙ 2 heterozygous N1 mice, minimum ∙ Sperm cryopreservation included ∙ 8-9 months Projects are designed and conducted by our PhD-level study directors, and you will receive regular updates from your dedicated project manager. Our Process 11-15 weeks 10 weeks Invoice 1 Founder Pups Born Detailed Project Plan Delivered 16 weeks Invoice 2 Founder Report Delivered N1 Pups Born N1 Report Delivered Project Plan and Design Generation and Validation of Reagents * Time varies based on size of insertion Sequence Analysis of Founder Animals Generation of Bxb1 donor template* Breeding of Founders to Background Strain Embryo Manipulation Validation of N1 Animals

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