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CONTACT JAX 1.800.422.6423 (US) (International) LEARN MORE ABOUT JAX MICE AND SERVICES JAX.ORG/JMCRS Rederivation Whether you need to rederive one strain or hundreds, JAX can help. We've rederived thousands of strains and can ensure that your rederived animals will meet the high health status standards you expect from JAX Mice. The health status of your mice can confound your data, impair reproduction, or shorten lifespans. We can help restore your strain to a specific and opportunistic pathogen-free (SOPF) health status to get your research back on track. Overview ∙ Rederived mice are SOPF and maintained at our highest health status. ∙ Standard rederivation counts as a backcross! Features and Benefits ∙ Eliminate quarantine time and ensure the biosecurity of your facility by rederiving your strain first when acquiring a strain from another organization. ∙ Eases transfer of mice to new facility when relocating. ∙ In case of pathogenic outbreak, mice can be shipped to JAX for rederivation and sent back to your facility pathogen free, saving your valuable research models. Applications Considerations ∙ Standard Rederivation is best for single alleles on common inbred backgrounds. Requires 2 males, 8-16 weeks of age at the time of receipt (Contact us to discuss options if not possible). ∙ Minimum 8 high health status mice provided in 12-15 weeks. ∙ Custom Rederivation for multiple alleles or unique genetic backgrounds requires additional 8-10 females, 5-15 weeks of age. We cannot guarantee deliverables for Custom Rederivation projects. Related Services ∙ Genome Scanning may be used to resolve background and select proper oocyte donor. ∙ Genotyping may be added to validate the genotype of the rederived mice. ∙ Cryopreservation can secure your strain and protect you against future health events. ∙ Speed Expansion can be used to generate a large cohort of mice all at the same age. TS0040 2022.09

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