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CONTACT JAX 1.800.422.6423 (US) (International) LEARN MORE ABOUT JAX MICE AND SERVICES JAX.ORG/JMCRS Cryopreservation JAX Cryopreservation offers fast and reliable methods for archiving embryos and sperm so you can feel assured about the safety of your strains and save space for the strains you need now. Sperm/Embryo straws are stored in multiple tanks and multiple locations to ensure the safety of your strains. The first year of storage is free. Package deals available for purchasing additional years of storage. When you need them, JAX can scale any IVF- mediated cryorecovery to deliver a large number of mice directly into breeding or for your studies. Overview ∙ Significant cost and space savings compared to maintaining live mice colonies. ∙ Protect valuable strains against diseases, breeding cessation and natural disasters. ∙ Mice are cryorecovered into a high health status SOPF barrier room and shipped with a full comprehensive health report. Features and Benefits ∙ Sperm cryopreservation is best suited to 1-2 alleles on common inbred backgrounds. ∙ For multiple alleles or complex genetic backgrounds, embryo cryopreservation allows you to recover mice of the same background and reduces the time required to breed back to the preferred zygosity upon recovery. ∙ Limit genetic drift in your strains and prevent loss of phenotype or loss of alleles due to breeding errors. ∙ JAX can ship recovered mice to any facility, providing an easy way to distribute your strains to collaborators. Applications Considerations ∙ Sperm Cryopreservation- Requires 2 males, 8-16 weeks of age at the time of receipt (Contact us to discuss options if not possible); Deliverables: 20 straws. ∙ Embryo Cryopreservation- Requires 2 males, 8-16 weeks of age and 8-10 females, 5-15 weeks of age; Deliverables: 250 Embryos (about 30 embryos per straw). ∙ If the required number of males and females are not available, breeding at JAX importation facility will be provided with an additional charge based on the breeding requirements. Related Services ∙ QC to 2-cell and QC to live born mice available. ∙ Genome Scanning may be used to resolve background and select proper oocyte donor for recovery of sperm. ∙ Cryorecover into Dedicated Supply. ∙ Custom Breeding of Cryorecovered mice to other strains. TS0042 2022.09

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