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CONTACT JAX 1.800.422.6423 (US) (International) LEARN MORE ABOUT JAX MICE AND SERVICES JAX.ORG/JMCRS Breeding Services Our Breeding Services makes managing your mouse colonies easy and affordable. We will make sure you get the mice you need when you need them. ∙ The mice you need delivered to you at a predictable schedule, without having to worry about space or staffing. Overview ∙ JAX provides dedicated Project Managers and access to our Breeding Services web portal to help you plan and manage your colonies. ∙ With over 12,000 strains in the JAX repository, we can combine alleles to generate the custom model you need. ∙ JAX excels at complex strain breeding (such as Cre-lox, multiple genes/alleles, low fertility or poor maternal care, etc.). ∙ Mice are produced and maintained at our highest SOPF (Specific and Opportunistic Pathogen Free) health status. ∙ JAX's rigorous training and SOPs ensure your colonies are not impacted by personnel changes. Features and Benefits ∙ Save space, time, and resources in your facility. ∙ Provides access to the highest quality of animal care for those without access to a vivarium. ∙ Serves as a central hub to supply the same quality and quantity of mice to multiple locations for collaborative projects. ∙ Seamlessly relocate to a different institution with no impact on access to your models. Applications Considerations ∙ Timeline and price of breeding projects may vary based on the breeding capabilities of the strains. ∙ We will provide a detailed quote which will include the breeding scheme, timeline and price for your specific project. Related Services ∙ Speed Expansion (Faster timeline for project deliverables) ∙ JAX In Vivo Services can run studies in house and provide you detailed, reproducible data. ∙ Model Generation Services may be able to create your new multi- allelic strain faster. ∙ Cryopreservation to secure newly combined strains. ∙ Necropsy Services can breed mice and send you select tissues instead of live mice. TS0043 2022.09

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