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CONTACT JAX 1.800.422.6423 (US) (International) LEARN MORE ABOUT JAX MICE AND SERVICES JAX.ORG/JMCRS Cryorecovery JAX successfully cryorecovers over 2,500 strains/year and is capable of recovering public or private strains cryopreserved and stored at The Jackson Laboratory. Sperm and embryo cryorecoveries are available. ∙ JAX can recover live mice from cryopreserved sperm or embryos stored at JAX or another reputable repository. ∙ Cryorecovery timeline is typically 9-12 weeks. We typically recover 8-10 mice. For strains cryopreserved at JAX, we guarantee at least 2 carriers of the desired allele. ∙ Cryorecovered mice are generated at our highest health status and mice are shipped with a comprehensive health report. Overview ∙ Study ready cohorts generated from cryopreserved sperm or embryos for your research and drug discovery needs. ∙ JAX can scale any IVF mediated recovery to deliver large number of mice directly into breeding or for your studies. ∙ Mice are cryorecovered into a high health status SOPF barrier room and shipped with a full comprehensive health report. Features and Benefits ∙ Cryorecovery offers an efficient alternative when acquiring a strain from a collaborator or an international repository. ∙ Recovering frozen stocks for refreshing your colonies allows you to minimize genetic drift without the delay of breeding back to homozygosity. Applications Considerations ∙ Mice cryorecovered in non-preferred genotype will require additional breeding to produce the preferred genotype(s). ∙ The number of males and females generated in a cryorecovery is variable. Related Services ∙ Speed expansion by IVF can generate large cohorts rapidly. ∙ JAX Breeding Services can maintain your cryorecovered colony and provide study ready cohorts to meet your needs. ∙ Crossbreeding of Cryorecovered mice to thousands of available in-house mouse strains. TS0041 2022.09

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