Digital Transformation in Mid-Market Manufacturing

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Page 10 of 10 Yes No Are you leveraging the help of an outside IT consulting and services firm to guide and support your digital transformation projects or plans? 62% Yes 38% No Navisite is a trusted digital transformation partner for growing and established global brands. As an SAP Gold Partner, the Navisite team brings a unique combination of business process knowledge, strong SAP credentials, and deep technical and industry expertise to help customers drive business outcomes and achieve the promise of the intelligent enterprise. The majority of survey respondents are choosing to engage the services of an outside partner to ensure their digital transformation projects are successful. These firms typically bring a depth of experience and highly specialized expertise that is difficult to emulate with in-house teams, especially amid ongoing staffing shortages. Partnering with a digital transformation partner can not only help fill the gaps to maintain daily IT operations, but more importantly, provide the strategic advisory and end-to-end transformation services needed to move foward on more complex projects that leverage RPA, ML, AI and other modern technologies and approaches to achieve the benefits of Industry 4.0. Do you believe your implementation of digital transformation technologies has moved you forward on your journey to Industry 4.0? The incremental gains made by survey respondents in modernizing their operations, moving to the cloud, and implementing new digital technologies is having a positive impact. Not only are respondents starting to see the results in terms of business benefits noted on the previous page, but they also believe their progress is moving them closer to making Industry 4.0 a reality. While mid-market manufacturers continue to face obstacles—from staffing issues to budget constraints to lack of expertise—focusing on those incremental gains can lead to significant benefits sooner and enable them to better manage or overcome some of their challenges. We haven't implemented digital transformation technologies yet 66% 12% 22%

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