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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is responsible for inspecting 14,000 bridges across Kentucky, 9,000 of which are maintained by the state and 5,000 by local counties. When gathering and entering data, the organization relied on spreadsheets and manual paperwork. In 2018, the state legislature passed a dramatic new highway plan that allotted $350 million to renovate or replace 340 bridges in two years. "That was about five times more than we typically addressed in a single year," says KYTC program manager Royce Meredith. "It was a huge order, and we knew we'd need a team effort to succeed." To tackle the challenge, the KYTC awarded a program management and design contract to a 22-firm program team led by Stantec. The team adopted e-Builder to manage the bridge projects to help scale quickly and provide a central information hub for the many teams and individuals involved. "We initially had to gather information on more than 1,000 bridges to determine whether they needed renovation or replacement and develop automated processes within e-Builder to manage it all..." Goal When tasked with setting up a fast-paced program to repair or replace hundreds of bridges throughout the state, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) needed a software solution to help manage the sudden influx of bridge projects. Challenge They needed to implement the solution quickly, integrate with existing systems, and provide access to dozens of partners, including partnering consultants, contractors and state workers and agency partners. Solution e-Builder provided a comprehensive, centralized solution that could scale quickly and include all the details and data needed to run the bridge program. Ongoing Benefits The KYTC and its partner organizations now have a central repository for storing and sharing data, documents, and reports, helping to keep everyone on the same page. - Dr. Tony Hunley, Bridge Project Leader | Stantec

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