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Solution Sheet Intergraph Smart ® Production for Steel Service Centers Intergraph Smart ® Production for Steel Service Centers (SSC) features a unique bottom-up approach to control the complete production process within steel service centers and mechanical engineering companies, based on Industry 4.0 concepts. With more than 400 customers, it's a proven solution that contains all functionality for sales, work preparation, fabrication and delivery, with load balancing for material and resources in a single integrated solution. Smart Production integrates with 2D/3D design, schedule, material management and the machines on the shop floor. The solution considerably increases material and resource utilization, manages remnants, improves schedule and material flow, and significantly reduces the work-hours required in the work preparation process. Smart Production SSC manages the complete steel service center production process, starting from the quotation calculation and continuing through work planning, part production, packaging, delivery and final invoicing. By using the real geometry, Available to Promise (ATP) and Capable to Promise (CTP) functionalities, a unique, accurate quotation can be quickly achieved, which helps provides a competitive edge. Reduction in quotation time of 30% to 80% can be realized, as well as improved profitability of orders. With the inclusion of nesting, material optimization algorithms and remnant management, material saving of 1% to 5% can be seen. This is also applicable for coils. This all contributes to keeping promised delivery dates and being viewed as an even more reliable partner. Why Intergraph Smart Production powered by NESTIX? Control Production Access real-time feedback from shop floor machines and workstations to provide valuable insights on work progress at any given time. Improve Material Utilization By integrating inventory, actual usage and remnant management into the process, significant material optimization can be achieved. Easy Production Scheduling Just-in-time production scheduling is supported throughout the complete process, including assembly and sub-assembly stages using the part fabrication scheduling into account. Efficient Load Balancing Based on production routing and previously established estimates, Smart Production allows back and forward scheduling based on available resources and capacity (load balancing) to allow the creation of an accurate work preparation.

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