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2022 USE CASE Remote Monitoring of Oil and Water Production Improves Operational Efficiencies SITUATION The remote nature of oil and gas wells can make monitoring their status a largely manual and time- consuming process. Wells are also located in hazardous areas, requiring devices operating on them to be certified per electrical and industrial safety codes. CHALLENGE A U.S oil & gas producer had several wellheads from the same reservoir nearing the end of their useful life. To minimize the injection of chemicals, optimize the gas lift operation and meet the statutory reporting requirements, the operators needed to collect production data from each wellhead, including flow rates and the accumulated production of the oil and associated water. The wellheads were scattered over a large geographic area making it impractical and costly to send field personnel to collect the required data. SOLUTION Volley Boast's VoBo is a LoRaWAN® universal bridge that provides an affordable way to retrieve stranded data from existing legacy systems or new installations at points previously too expensive to monitor. The VoBo HL-1 model is a complete battery-powered solution with an expected battery life of up to five years. It is certified for use in 'Class 1 Division 2' hazardous locations in the USA and Canada. While a separate battery-powered flow totalizer monitors the turbine meter, the VoBo HL-1 pulls the accumulated production and the instantaneous flow rate from the flow totalizer. And it provides the battery status for both the totalizer and the endpoint. Smart Industry North America Device Maker COMPANY CONTACT INFO Volley Boast LLC, Houston, Texas - USA BENEFITS The VoBo sends data to the producer's Operations Center via their LoRaWAN® network, providing a simple and cost-effective solution to help maintain and optimize production from the marginal producing wells thanks to accurate and timely data capture.

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