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2022 USE CASE Remote Monitoring of Compressed Gas Cylinders Improves Operational Efficiencies and Staff Safety SITUATION Processing plants, such as oil refineries or chemical plants, often use compressed gases for their operations. Storing and handling compressed gas cylinders follow strict procedures as they are inherently dangerous and frequently located in hazardous locations. Minimizing the exposure of plant personnel to hazardous conditions is important for the operator while ensuring the continuity of needed gas supply. Several compressed gas cylinders are typically ganged together, each cylinder requiring its pressure to be monitored. Plant personnel would have to check daily each individual pressure gauge to determine whether it was time to switch cylinders or order replacement cylinders. SOLUTION Volley Boast's VoBo is a LoRaWAN® universal bridge that provides an affordable way to retrieve stranded data from existing legacy systems or new installations at points previously too expensive to monitor. The VoBo HL-1 model is a complete battery-powered solution with an expected battery life of up to five years. It is certified for use in 'Class 1 Division 2' hazardous locations in the USA and Canada. The VoBo HL-1 has three analog terminal blocks, capable of monitoring and providing a power supply to three pressure transducers. As the operator frequently gangs together two or three cylinders, the VoBo HL-1 provides a complete wireless solution, reporting data for each individual cylinder wirelessly through the operator's LoRaWAN® network to the control room. Smart Industry North America Device Maker COMPANY CONTACT INFO Volley Boast LLC, Houston, Texas - USA RESULTS The operator can access accurate data of each individual gas cylinder in a timely manner and improve the scheduling of cylinder replacements. Using the VoBo and LoRaWAN® reduces staff exposure to potentially hazardous situations while saving time and money. Rather than having to visit each location to confirm pressure levels, technicians can check them directly on their computer from the office.

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