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2022 USE CASE Providing a Low Power, Low Cost, 100% Coverage Solution with LEO IoT Satellites SITUATION A major utility in the Middle East, in charge of managing approximately two million smart meters, wanted to improve the visibility of all its meters and assets to deliver better quality services to its customers. The utility faced challenges in capturing data from some meters and other fixed assets, especially when they were outside the cellular network range, due to the: - expensive and unreliable cellular connectivity - local area network limited distance and the need for ongoing power supply - often inaccurate manual readings, time-consuming and costly truck rolls and site visits. Smart Utilities Middle East Satellite Provider SOLUTION Wyld Networks have developed a new sensor- to-satellite module suite with LoRaWAN® that allows IoT sensors and devices to communicate directly with the cloud, using Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites. Wyld's low-power, low-cost LoRaWAN® solution enables data to be sent via Wyld Connect, using just 2 x AA batteries or a small solar cell, with an expected battery life of up to several years. It provides 100% coverage of any water and electricity metering and infrastructure monitoring for any location. Operators can access the data via the Wyld Fusion cloud-based platform. RESULTS By gaining 100% visibility on all meters and assets, the utility can now enable a predictive and preventive strategy to monitor its networks for leak, level and pressure sensors, water levels and pressure sensors, transmission lines, substations, and solar power stations. Wyld's LEO IoT satellites provide uninterrupted 100% global connectivity so that the utility can meet its commercial and sustainability targets and deliver economic opportunities to drive development, growth and new jobs. Using Wyld Connect and Wyld Fusion, the utility can enhance its operational efficiency and effectiveness and promote preventive maintenance, including planning, production, transmission and distribution. COMPANY CONTACT INFO Wyld Networks, Cambridge, UK

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